Seismic (Life) Change

Just over six weeks ago I was working from home one morning when I suddenly realised that I just couldn’t go back to work in the Egham office as intended and went to see my GP instead.  After a brief consultation he signed me off work for an initial period of two weeks.

It wasn’t planned, indeed my wife Deborah was amazed, as I hate going to the doctors and rarely have taken time off work.

In any event the last six weeks of not working have led to my decision to retire early with support from my employers for which I’m very grateful.  All the kids at that time had left home, although as is quite common nowadays, our middle one James has come back home since!I can feel the “old me” coming back despite the huge level of change for all of us.

Since that day I’ve sold my Sealine Senator 210 motorboat “Nutbrown” moored on the Thames at Penton Hook marina, sold the third (Smart) car we never used on eBay, put the house In Thorpe up for sale and accepted an offer on it and made an offer on High Willows house in Govilon, Wales.

This blog is intended as a record of our new retirement adventure from now onwards as my memory is awful.  It’s been a hell of a change in a short space of time but I’m sure for the better!

IMG_0113.JPG (2)

Seismic (Life) Change

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