Housing Chains And Life

Well our offer on High Willows has not been rejected, but is pending until full sale of our house!  We have accepted an offer on ours but they haven’t sold yet grrr…  Of course selling a house is stressful, but less so than working until I drop methinks!

My first client, part-time work colleague and friend Phil Ives passed away last year from brain cancer, it was terribly sad and affected me deeply following on so quickly from the loss of my father.  I remember speaking with his widow Fiona at his funeral about how sorry I was he didn’t have a full retirement and that I felt guilty I had delayed that opportunity.

She told me not to worry on that account but was insistent I followed my dream of early retirement before it was too late.

Phil was only 63 when he passed away but will never be forgotten.

Phil Ives Khal and Andy Williams
Phil (centre) with Khal (Mohammed Khalid) and Andy Williams in Barcelona Symposium

At the time of writing I am 55, the same age my father retired.  Here’s my favourite photo of us together for his 90th birthday in Hornsea where he lived in East Yorkshire.

Housing Chains And Life

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