Essex Underated!

You know this county is really underrated.  The countryside is really quite unspoilt, the houses are often painted pink and are huge, people seem very friendly and relaxed and aircraft and traffic noise (at least here) non existent.

Three opened oysters for takeaway breakfast yesterday.  Wonder if Debbie will keep her promise & let me cook breakfast this morning?  She doesn’t like oysters for some reason!

Lunch in the local Waterfront cafe yesterday was pan fried skate and chips, Debs had scampi as usual.  Washed down with 2 cans of Stella Artois!

Dinner was in Little Brig, Debs cooked steak, green beans and mash washed down with white wine and tequila shots with salt and lime.  Watched the first hobbit film again – very good – ages since I’d seen it.

James and Hamish (our Westie) back home are fine and Alex is on holiday with his girlfriend Emily in the Lake District.  Emma is still living in Norwich until she starts her PGCE at Roehampton in September.  Me – I’m just enjoying chilling out here on holiday – my first since retiring!

Essex Underated!

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