Land Rovers – While We Wait….

We’re still waiting to hear if the seller of High Willows has accepted our offer now the chain is complete.  Agony for Debs, not much better for me too!  That reminds me that he also has a Defender 90 Short Wheel Base parked in the drive, 300 tdi & from memory a County Station Wagon – my favourite!

I’ve always had a thing about Land Rovers ever since my Uncle Trevor owned one when I was a young lad.  I learnt to drive in the army and often would be asked to take the company’s lightweights out on exercise.

TA lightweight 1

The first car I owned was a Series 1 Long Wheel Base and I also had a Series 3 ex-army LWB when I first met Deb too.

Parked in Rose S's father's smallholding
Parked in Rose S’s father’s smallholding
What nice legs Debbie has :-)
What nice legs Debbie has 🙂

Since then we’ve owned a very rusty Defender 110 and our family friendly (3 kids plus golden retriever) Discovery.

110 LWB

A few years ago I went mad and bought two P38 Range Rovers, one 4.6 petrol and a 2.5 diesel.

4.6 litre petrol approx 11 mpg

The latter Debs and I used on the October 2012 London to Brighton run in a massive convoy of Land Rovers.

Here I am pictured by Deb on arrival in Brighton looking as pleased as punch.  God knows how we made it, the damn thing kept dropping out of gear despite being an automatic.  I’d forgotten “she” had Welsh number plates though.

Shortly after this both RR’s had to be towed away and scrapped – the electrics were shot to pieces..

Oh well, a welcome distraction from waiting to hear something, more when we do!

Land Rovers – While We Wait….

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