West Wittering Beach

One of my favourite drives is down the A3 then cut across to Petworth and then down to the coast to a private bit of coastline and beach at West Wittering.

There’s parking for hundreds of cars on the grass alongside the beach where people put up windbreaks, have portable BBQ’s and fly kites.  The beach itself is flat and sandy and goes out a long way with the tide.

When the kids were small we’d often take them down there for “beach olympics ” and “sea defences” – the latter being my favourite.  Basically it consists of building the strongest sandcastle you can and standing on it for the longest possible time as the tide comes in, before it all washes away.

Anyway, as part of my nostalgia plans while we await the move to Wales, Debbie, Hamish and I went down there for the day on the 27th April to recharge my batteries. There were very few people (& dogs) about and as you can see from the photos below it as a bright, sunny day.  Hamish hasn’t really been in the sea before and was quite suspicious.

Hamish as king Canute West Wittering 2015

We hadn’t brought a picnic with us so we parked near the cafe and had sausage, chips and tea.  A beautiful & relaxing day bringing back many happy memories.

Back to reality and on the move front James and I visited Safestore in Staines yesterday and traded nearly £80 for a series of cardboard packing boxes, tape, bubble wrap and marker pen.  The three of us then spent the afternoon packing, dvd’s, games, grogs and generally de-cluttering the house of things we won’t need before the move.

  The second removal quote from Barens has been delayed until Friday which gives us more time to do even more which to be honest we all find therapeutic while the legal and finance waiting game goes on.

West Wittering Beach

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