Ford Capri 2.8i (part deux)

In my life I’ve had 2 Ford Capri 2.8i cars, one a white “A” registration purchased from Jon a finance colleague and friend in Pfizer for about £4,000 in 1987.   That disappeared along with my first wife back in 1988…

On a much happier note the second, a sky blue “B” registration was secured for £500 via an eBay bid too far over a glass of wine one evening.  I waited a few days to be outbid and was surprised not to be.

I remember confiding with eldest son Alex that he’d have to drive me to Milton Keynes to pick it up while I came clean to Debbie…  On arrival at the owner’s house it didn’t look too bad to me and fired up first time.  With my heart in my mouth and keeping the green flag recovery contract close to hand I headed back to 85 Foxwood.

After filling up at a motorway service station on leaded petrol, I finally arrived home and proudly showed my new acquisition to Debbie who calmly pointed out all the rust that somehow I’d not seen.  The negotiated result was that I agreed to have all the bodywork and a full respray costing £3000 done before she would be fully accepted into the family.


We had lots of fun in her, picking up replacement parts from all round the southeast via eBay, weekend trips to the farm shop in Addlestone as well as oysters in Whitstable. The only time she broke down was in a torrential downpour coming back from Whitstable when one of the windscreen wipers came loose and we had to take shelter under a motorway bridge until Green Flag came to the rescue with a spanner!

All good things come to an end alas and one day heading into London to visit the CIO of Beazley I noticed as I pulled away that she appeared to be leaking fuel onto our drive.  Being a resourceful type I outsourced calling the fire brigade to Debbie as I continued on to London.

When they arrived all they did was shovel sand under the aforementioned leak and advised us to fix it as soon as possible.  I (bravely?) drove the car to my local garage on the A30 and sourced a replacement fuel tank from the Capri owners club.

Alas the damage had been done and a few days later James informed me that when having a shower he could smell petrol.  The petrol had seeped through the brick block drive and penetrated the plastic water supply pipes to the house.

We informed the water company who promptly turn off the supply to our house and delivered lots of plastic water bottles.  Debbie was not amused even after our house insurance paid for digging up the road and lining the new pipes with copper to re-establish a clean supply…

I think the ultimatum went something like this ” it’s either me or the car” and grudgingly I chose the former.  The only smile I can extract from having to sell her was the couple that bought her on the cheap broke down on their return and used my Green Flag recovery service to get home.  I found out when a letter arrived asking me “how did we do?”😁

On the moving front packing proceeds….


Ford Capri 2.8i (part deux)

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