It’s very sad news from Tunisia over the last 24 hours with the senseless massacre of holiday makers on the beaches.

I had a honeymoon in Hammamet way back in 1988 with my first wife and hated the experience. Every time we were on the beach we were swamped by beggars, not that I blamed them, they were just trying to make a living.

What I didn’t like was the disparity in living standards between the UK and Tunisian people and of course I should have realised from day 1 that the marriage wasn’t going to work.

My last memory of Tunisia was that I knew I would never go back and if I’m honest I wished I’d never gone in the first place.  Travel forward 27 years and that’s 100% confirmed – roll on Wales!

On a happier note I bought 25 metres of bubble wrap and 14 boxes from Homebase today and we’ve packed most of the lighter stuff like duvets, pillows as well as most of the non-heavy electrical items.  While we were there we met my old boss Roger’s exec assistant Sue and reminisced about old times – hopefully she can make my farewell dinner.

We also had two trips to Oxfam and our local recycling centre and dropped off things like our old heater and gas supply for the conservatory as Gumtree.com let us down last night.

Barans’ came back with a quote amended by the owner by phone that was similar to our first, but I think we’ll go with them as they just seem more transparent to be honest.  Fingers crossed we get to use them for High Willows and it all goes smoothly!

Here’s a picture of the latest box mountain growing in our garage….


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