Hamish Our Mad Westie

When Tom our golden retriever passed away in February 2006 the family felt so traumatised that Debbie and I decided we’d not have a canine friend going forward, but as time went on we started to weaken in our resolve.

One of my favourite TV characters, loosely based on the novels of M.C. Beaton,  is Hamish Macbeth who has a West Highland White terrier called “Wee Jock”.  Loyal, attentive and a great listener (but small) I thought would be enough of a change from Tom to be bearable.

As a result one day we set out one Sunday in September 2006 to visit a litter born in a Surrey smallholding barn we’d seen advertised on the internet.  We saw the mother but not the father with the pups and from memory she was quite small.

The pups themselves were all cuddled into each other and Debbie seemed to favour a small bitch, but I had been attracted to a large dog, as we always thought that Tom had been the runt of his litter and I was determined not to repeat the situation.

In the end I won the day but many times Debbie and I have wondered what happened to the little girl, she was so small and affectionate, quite different from our “Hamish” who was not only large for a Westie but was anything but it transpired!

Still, he’s been a character these past 9 years and whenever we go on holiday & he’s put in kennels, we can’t wait to get him back.  Like Tom he’s cost us a fortune on vets bills although mainly for skin conditions rather than cancer thank goodness.  He was born on May 18th 2006 and cost us £350 and we took him home the same day we saw him – again on Debbie’s lap – this time in our BMW 320i convertible!

He has a pathelogical hatered of planes going overhead which means that our relocation to Wales outside the ever busier Heathrow flight path, should bring us enormous relief from his barking hopefully – unless he doesn’t like sheep..

Butter wouldn’t melt…
Not guilty!
Chilling out!
Graduation 002
Why disturb me?
Graduation 003
Interesting news bulletin..
Hiding in Alex’s bedroom
Hamish Our Mad Westie

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