Greek Tragedy 

After many years of speculation it looks like Grexit is on the cards soon.  The poor Greek people have been led down the proverbial garden path to financial ruin.

Let’s hope like Iceland before them in the long term things get better and from a purely selfish viewpoint the inevitable financial turmoil doesn’t affect our move to Wales.

Debbie and I spent another 5 hours packing yesterday, I think we’ve broken the back of it now, just the Denby crockery, pots and pans, the rest we’ll leave to the removal firm.

To be honest I’m looking forward to the Llandudno holiday hiatus with Debbie and Mum. James did us a huge favour agreeing this week to stay behind with Hamish for security with all our things packed.  It would be heartbreaking to be robbed of all our possessions at this point.

Looks like a beautiful day weather wise this morning, I think we need to go out today and relax a bit and enjoy a break from incessant packing!

Greek Tragedy 

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