Images of Thorpe…

Given we might well have moved to Wales sometime in August I thought I’d take advantage of some glorious weather and walk round Thorpe one last time before we leave and take some photos to remember the village.

Entrance to Village Road

Corner of Western Avenue…

Kent House plaque

Our local round the corner, The Red Lion

Coldharbour Lane towards Red Lion

“Torp” history…

St. Mary’s Medieval Church with earliest sections of the current building from the 10th Century

Admiral Lord Nelson’s Captain – Thomas Hardy’s heart is rumoured buried in the graveyard.

The American School in Surrey

Entrance to Anners an old farmhouse where Frank Muir lived, he was famous at least to me as co-presenter of Call My Bluff

Anners just visible through the trees is a large white brick farmhouse

Thorpe War memorial close up

Thorpe War Memorial on corner of Mill Lane

Thorpe village store and post office

Entrance to Rosemary Lane where we originally tried to buy a house

Frank Muir is celebrated in Thorpe – he established Thorpe Players

The two semi-detached houses we were originally interested in…

Images of Thorpe…

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