Echoes of Work

It’s been so far from my mind recently it came as a bit of a surprise yesterday to have quite a lot of contact with colleagues from work!

I’d dropped Debs off at the GP yesterday to have her annual check-up (all fine thank goodness) so decided afterwards we’d treat ourselves to an “Eat Thai” lunch in Egham.

On the way from the parked car in Waitrose, Egham we passed a young woman from SMB sales I’d worked with in the charity sector and mouthed a quick hello.

Next, sat down in the restaurant, my old buddy Eddy Louchart passing outside saw us and popped in to say hello.  He confirmed he was going to my leaving do which was good news, Debbie knew him too as we went to his wedding last year in Windsor.

Then out of the blue while I was settling the bill, Simon Jones one of my soon to be ex-team leaders gave me a quick ring on the mobile to see how I was and I found out he’s moved house recently too!

En route back home we picked up another load of boxes and tape and stacked the last vestiges of Denby crockery and my Playstation 4.  The garage is nearly full now…

Wimbledon started yesterday and we are in the middle of a heatwave.  Debbie has her hair cut arranged for tomorrow and it’s forecast to hit 34 degrees.  I hope it’s air conditioned!

I’m so glad I’m no longer having to put on a suit and tie and travel into London in such heat – or indeed at all! 😄

Echoes of Work

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