Mad Mike & Solar Power

I mentioned “Mad” Mike in an earlier post relating to Nutbrown, but didn’t talk about his interest in solar power.  Before he announced his retirement from being Chief Information Officer of HM Prison Service (actually its successor body the National Offender Management Service) he launched a sponsored solar powered boat trip on the Thames from Westminster to its source at Lechlade.

During the successful solo journey, which he documented by a blog, he raised a considerable sum of money for a prisoners’ family charity which I contributed to too.  One day I even went to visit him en route but all I found was his boat moored on the bank while he was temporarily away.

By the way the “mad” label was bestowed not by me, but another of my clients John the then HMG CIO in the Cabinet Office, who also was a bit of a maverick too!  But that’s another story.

After we visited Mike’s house in Windsor a number of years later for that fateful river trip in the same electric powered boat called Corvelia, he told me of his next adventure, a solar powered trike!

Debbie took this photo on board the Corvelia on the 11th July 2010, we bought Nutbrown 4th August 2010 as a result!

Now I have no idea what he did with it but he did send me this photo which will give you some idea of the vehicle and maybe the man too!

Mike's solar powered trike
Mike’s solar powered trike
Mad Mike & Solar Power

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