Val Doonican RIP

I just came back home for lunch after a nostalgic visit to Feltham (see my blog tomorrow) where we used to live and just saw on the BBC web site that Val Doonican has passed away today aged 88.  His really were “The Special Years”.

I have so many happy memories as a young lad watching him on TV with my dad and listening to his songs,  Believe it or not the first 7 inch vinyl single I ever owned was bought in Bridlington from a cardboard box outside a junk shop – “Elusive Butterfly”…  I also loved “Walk Tall”, “Paddy McGinty’s Goat” but my favourite was “Ring of Bright Water”.

Debbie and I were lucky enough to see him live twice, the first time at the Stables near Milton Keynes on the 5th November 2003.  The second was at the Broadway Theatre, Catford in February 2008 (I’d bought Debs tickets for her 50th..) just before he retired for good in 2009.  Funnily enough both shows were word perfect the same, despite the five year gap, but of course we didn’t mind.

Thank you Val for so many happy memories.

Val Doonican RIP

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