Feltham Memories

Yesterday Debbie and I paid a visit to Feltham, Middlesex to the two houses we used to live in before we moved to Thorpe.

The first was an end of terrace house at 56 Southcote Avenue on the Rochester estate.

It brought back many happy memories as this was the home that Debbie, Alex and James moved to on Sunday 7th January 1990.  Incidentally this was the day after we got engaged in Wales, no hanging about in those days!

It was also the home where we brought our new born daughter Emma Jayne back to when Debbie got discharged (rather too early) from Ashford maternity hospital on the 22nd February 1991.

56 Southcote is way to the left of this road sign!
56 is to the right, you can still see the old ATI burglar alarm I had installed.

Sadly the house itself looked a little run down, with our old neighbour’s house at 58 to the left (originally Charlie & Nellie, then Martin & Michelle) extended since we lived there and almost unrecognisable.

Janet, Martin and their three daughters Mandy, Gemma and Hannah lived to the right in 54 with Val and Jim in 52.

Maggie and David lived across the road in number 53.  Strange how in those days how we all knew each other and were often in each other’s houses, how times change as well as locations.

The second location visited was Brookside in Feltham, a newer estate we moved to 1st September 1999 and an end of terrace town house at 85 Foxwood Close.  

Although I loved the property it was very hot and two flights of stairs didn’t help Debbie’s arthritis.  

We had some nice neighbours opposite at 50 called Andy and Rami, the former who was a great cook and made us chopped liver on occasions,  she also cooked our Christmas turkey one year (I think 2001) when our kitchen renovations overran…

I was rear ended by another car turning right into this estate one year and the lady driver drove off!
The new owner who we sold to on the 17th March 2006 still lived there and was cutting the hedge, so I had to take this rather long distance view.  You can see the garage door is open and a van parked in the drive.

After these trips down “housing” memory lane, we paid a visit to the Three Horseshoes pub in Feltham where we had our wedding reception 25 years ago on 17th March 1990 after our registry office wedding in Hounslow.

We cut our wedding cake just behind where Debbie is standing
This half of the pub was cordoned off for our reception, we also had use of the outside beer garden that from memory had a single decker red bus parked in it for some reason.
The beer garden was through the wooden gate to the left of the public bar entrance (which we didn’t use)
Older and wiser! 🙂
Considering it was over 25 years ago the pub looks pretty much the same!
Feltham Memories

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