Very Important Person

We had a VIP visitor this afternoon called Emily, Alex’s girlfriend.  As it was our first meeting Debbie and I were on tenterhooks hoping it would go well and that she would like us!

We picked them both up from Egham station at 12.30pm and after a quick drop off of things back home, including these lovely flowers for Debbie, we walked to the Red Lion for a celebratory drink before returning home for lunch.

James, Alex, Emily & Debbie (I took the photo)

The original plan had been to have a BBQ but the weather was so hot (and I had packed all our tongs etc) Debbie made a command decision to cook in the kitchen instead.  It was definitely the right decision and I’m pleased to report we all had a great time together.

Of course we had our four legged Scotsman (Hamish) who had to give his final seal of approval, but as you can see from the photo below Emily passed with flying colours!

Emily taking Hamish for a walk with James for protection “just in case” (Alex took the photo)

At 6pm Gemini arrived to take them back to Egham station and as we waved “au revoir” we both agreed Emily & Alex were made for each other and we’re very happy & excited for them! 🙂

Very Important Person

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