Emma’s Graduation

This month marks two years since our beautiful daughter Emma Jayne graduated with an upper second honours degree in English Literature from Roehampton University, the whole family was in attendance and we were all very proud.

The ceremony was held in Guildford Cathedral as the college just wasn’t big enough for all the graduates.  The Chancellor of the University, John Simpson of BBC fame, made a thought provoking & inspiring speech before giving out the degree certificates.

The day was very sunny and it gave us an excellent opportunity to meet Emma’s boyfriend family and take these fantastic photographs.

Since the graduation she’s worked very hard as a teaching assistant at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School in Norwich, while David took his MA in English at the University of East Anglia.

Later on this year she will be will be starting her PGCE teacher training course back at Roehampton, which was a real achievement to get into as competition is fierce, which makes us all doubly proud!

26th July 2013
26th July 2013 – BA 2:1 English
Graduation 008
James pre-graduation looking smart


Graduation 009
Debs pre-graduation looking pensive


Graduation 010
Alex looking full pre-graduation..


Graduation 011
Mrs and Miss Shores looking proud


Graduation 012
Proud brothers..



Graduation 014
I think I may have done something to Debs…


Graduation 016
Look after my daughter David…


Graduation 018
Sean, David, Joe, Sarah and Chris



Graduation 019
The happy couple posing naturally…


Graduation 023
John Simpson gave out the degrees, this is Emma sitting down getting ready for her turn


Graduation 037
The happy couple doing what comes naturally

Graduation 020 Graduation 021 Graduation 036

Emma’s Graduation

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