Hutch without Starsky (& Me!)

Debbie and I used to be “silver friends” of Woking’s New Victoria Theatre.  In those days for about £30 a year you could buy two for the price of one premium tickets to see live shows and over the years we’ve seen quite a few.

There were two other perks associated with being a friend, the first was a private seating area where you could sit and enjoy a drink from a private bar in the theatre before the performance and in the interval which was good, but even better was the chance to join cast parties after the show and meet some famous names.

I remember on different occasions meeting Louise Jameson, Colin Baker and Mark McGann of Doctor Who fame and Susan Penhaligon famous for Bouquet of Barbed Wire. A big thrill though was seeing David Soul in Deathtrap back in 2002 and having our photo taken with him by the staff.

Original photo of David Soul, Debbie & I...
Original photo of David Soul, Debbie & I…
A week or so later we received a letter asking us for permission to use the photo as part of a frieze along the wall of the friends seating area to attract more friends.  We were quite excited to see the result, but you can imagine my horror to find that I’d been photoshopped out when we next went to the theatre!

This reminded me of the time Debbie dragged (sorry charmed me) to Heathrow to see Merrill Osmond returning to America after a tour of the UK in 2004 with his own band where we’d seen him in the Hexagon, Reading.  Well, while every one else was gawping at Merrill just outside the old Terminal One building I suddenly recognised the face, partly hidden under a large hat of Paul Michael Glaser or Starsky!

I think 2004 was when the release of Ben Stiller’s spoof of Starsky and Hutch came out and David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser had cameo roles.  I took a quick photo which he didn’t seem to impressed about and hurried off!  We were so excited though, so his photo is below 🙂


Hutch without Starsky (& Me!)

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