Sandsend 2012

Mum and dad had happy memories of Sandsend, near Whitby, so we invited them to accompany us on holiday the second week of July 2012 to stay at Ebor cottage.

My Range Rover 2.5D nearly didn’t make it with the gearbox going into “limp mode” on the Filey by-pass (I successfully hid this from my parents – but not Debbie) despite me putting it in sport mode throughout the journey to try and fool the electrics.  

Parked outside the cottage on the main coast road, I was always a bit worried someone would drive into it!
Ebor cottage: Debbie and I slept upstairs overlooking the sea, mum and dad were in the rear bedroom
View to the left of the cottage
View to the right, we had lunch in the pub and the restaurant over my right shoulder.
Sanded beach with tide out…
On the beach together – reminds me of a black and white photo Emma did for us for her A level

The sound of the waves was a lasting memory, especially during the night, as was the continuous burning of any scrap of wood we could find in the front room’s log burner whenever we were in the cottage!

We had a number of trips to Whitby but for some strange reason I don’t seem to have taken any pictures of mum & dad during this holiday.

Me in the foreground, Dracula’s Abbey to the rear..

The cottage was quite small so we went on a number of trips, not just to Filey, but to Helmsley otherwise we’d have been on top of each other.

We visited the Black Swan hotel where I had stayed with one of the partners from Kidsons way back in 1982 while we undertook an interim audit of Lord Faversham‘s estate including the Duncombe sawmill.  Dad had picked me up from Hull on arrival by train and then drove me to Helmsley as I didn’t pass my driving test until six years later!

My lasting memory was of reconciling hand written leather bound ledgers used for book-keeping, no computerised system for the Lord!  Alas I found out later from a more forensic audit of the sawmill’s books that the manager had been embezzling funds, had been found out and committed suicide..

On this occasion we didn’t visit the castle pictured behind me, something we made good last year on our Whitby holiday with mum.

Helmsley castle, day trip to remind me of my first job away from London when working for Kidsons, an audit of Lord Faversham’s estate


Sandsend 2012

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