Waiting Games

Quiet day yesterday, apart from dropping off the Galaxy at the Magna Carta MOT & Repair workshop at 8.30am for a fresh MOT and full service.  The garage is under new ownership, but I’d used it before it changed hands & it’s fairly local just off Thorpe Lea Road in Pond Road.

The Galaxy’s only done 16,000 in 5 years perhaps due to it being ex-Motability so it sailed through the MOT, but Magna recommended carrying out a regeneration DFP to look after the catalytic converter by “burning” out any accumulated soot.

The only niggle was I had to walk back home afterwards, so I rewarded myself with a fortifying cooked breakfast at the local “greasy spoon” Pop-Inn Cafe cafe beforehand, incredible value at £5.50 for sausage, bacon, 2 eggs, tomato & bubble & squeak (!) washed down with a mug of tea.  So much for trying to lose weight…

The day was cloudy and humid so I got changed back home after the walk back and to relax while we waited for the work to be done we started watching a Sky boxset American alien invasion drama called “Falling Skies” – scary – but we enjoyed it.

The car was ready at 2pm so Debbie and I walked back together to the garage to pick it up.  It was still humid and started to drizzle en-route but we escaped the worst of it and after paying the bill of £328 went for a short run with the air-con on full blast before shopping for ingredients in Sainsburys.

James had agreed to cook dinner for us all again of hot chilli and tacos after his triumphant meal the night before.  That had been fresh penne pasta, garlic, flat leaf parsley, tinned tomatoes pureed with fresh salmon flakes which was incredibly tasty!

Our solicitor had emailed to say that things were moving lower down the chain but they’d still not heard from the seller’s solicitor so we chased Craig again.

This morning we dropped James off at the Staines Job Centre in preparation for his work experience next week and continued on to Feltham where we had a McDonald’s (Big) breakfast and remembered how quickly it was built all those years ago when we came back from Australia.


On return I spoke with Craig who phoned me with the news that our solicitor should receive the contract from the vendor’s solicitor on Monday, phew!

Debbie also rang Kally from our Estate agents and found out that our buyers house was surveyed last week and that our house’s survey would be next Thursday, double phew!

James is cooking us paella tonight in our new pan! In the meantime I’m in the garden listening to Test Match Special on the radio praying we win the Ashes! 😄

Waiting Games

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