Max Boyce M.B.E.

Debbie’s Christmas 2014 present from Alex and James was a pair of tickets to see Max Boyce, the Welsh singer/comedian specialising in rugby & mining songs/stories.  Debbie has always been a big fan of his and we even have a Grogg of him clutching a giant leek and mouthing his catch phrase “Oggy, oggy, oggy!”.

The venue was the Borough theatre in Abergavenny just over the road where we stayed at the Angel hotel, it was way too far to go up and down in a day!  The date was Friday the 10th April 2015, so I took the day off work and arrived at the hotel about 1pm in the Focus.

There was no space left in the hotel car park so I parked in public car park nearby, only £4 for 24 hours! This is where the picture was taken below, with a rather portentious view of the Blorenge mountain behind me!

We ate a late lunch around 3.15pm in Luigi’s cafe just up the road from the hotel.  Debbie had a huge starter portion of prawn cocktail while I, following the diktats of my army training (you never know when it’s your last meal) had breaded plaice and chips with salad.  We ordered a chilled bottle of tap water and a pot of tea to drink, all in for circa £12, a bargain!

The room in the Angel was clean & comfortable, we even had breakfast in bed the following morning for no extra charge, free wifi, friendly staff, reasonable bar prices where they stocked Campari so Debbie was well chuffed.

Watching this humvee park in the street was amusing
Thank God we booked!
“Good looking wool” as Tom Hanks’ plumber would say in the Money Pit film…

Max put on a fantastic show, especially when you consider he’s 71 years old now and only last year he had a quadruple by-pass operation.  His warm up act was a young Welsh comedian called Rod Woodward who’d found fame on the Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium in front of William & Kate.  There was also a female singer in support called who’s name I can’t unfortunately recollect but she was also very good as well.  All in all great entertainment.

Wonder who he supports?


We had been concerned (quite rightly) that with the show ending after 10pm we might find it difficult to find a restaurant open but we asked the hotel bar man for advice and I’d phoned a booking through that afternoon at “Kong’s” and we eventually arrived at 10.20pm.   The food was oriental and we had a huge mixed starter of crispy seaweed, ribs, sesame prawn toast & chicken satay.  Mains was chilli soft shelled crab washed down with a some nice dry white wine and we weren’t rushed leaving about 11.30pm.

Blorenge in the background!

After breakfast we took the car towards Pencelli to look from the outside a house by the Brecon canal I’d been looking on for some time.  It looked great but obviously we hadn’t booked a viewing so made our way back down the A470 to the M4 and home to Thorpe.  Little did we know that shortly afterwards we’d be looking seriously at potential homes to move to, not just in the Brecon area but in Abergavenny’s surrounding villages too!

When we finally got back in the house we watched a DVD of Max Boyce:Down Under: 2004 which was actually filmed in Sydney opera house in 2003.  We were amazed, much of the concert we saw in Abergavenny was the same as on the DVD from over ten years before, but it didn’t spoil our enjoyment one bit!  🙂

Max Boyce M.B.E.

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