Move Update

Things are starting to “move” this week.  On Monday the draft contract on the sale of our house came in the post after we got back from a quick clothes shop in Windsor for James’ work experience and had enjoyed a lovely Indian buffet lunch in Staines.

A nice surprise and we were so excited all three of us signed it immediately, then Debbie and I drove over to our solicitors to hand deliver it back for further processing!

Today (Thursday) we have a mortgage valuation survey being done on our house for our buyer.  Once done, we should be ready to exchange contracts soon as their survey was done about ten days ago, thank goodness we won’t have a mortgage going forward.

Yesterday I dropped James off for his work experience at SITA recycling near Shepperton.  He wasn’t there long, but picked up his new work boots and high visibility vest, as well as a £20 contribution to petrol money.  Looks like a good company and I think he’ll enjoy it.

Heard from my old Pfizer colleague Peter Ranwell who’s on holiday in Eastbourne and we’ve agreed for both couples to meet up for lunch in “My Old Dutch” on Sunday. Possibly our last chance to say goodbye before the move.

That’s the restaurant in Kensington where Debbie, myself and friends Jonathan Lawlor and Andrzej Kabarowski had celebratory dinner the night before our wedding in 1990.  We’d been to see a strange inauspicious film called “War of the Roses“!  I also remember getting back to Feltham station quite late with Debbie and we couldn’t find the car as we’d gone to the wrong car park!

Lastly, I reestablished contact with Gerard Taylor via Facebook messenger late last night, I’d been his “best man” out in Madrid years before and he still lives there.  We’d been to Queen Mary College together back in the early eighties although he studied Spanish to my Astrophysics.  He told me the temperature out there was 39 degrees!  Sleepless in Madrid methinks!

Move Update

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