High Willows Limited

On the way back from Oxford yesterday my phone went ping to alert us of an email from Companies House, funnily enough where Debbie used to work when she left school.

It announced the incorporation of High Willows Limited, company number 09691975, who’s directors and equal shareholders are – Debbie and myself!

Incorporation Certificate

For the moment this company will remain dormant but the plan is to generate some income from the seven acres of woods behind the new house and give some gainful employment to James in the “family business” – should it take time for him to get established in the Abergavenny area.

It’s not actually the first limited company I’ve been a director of, in fact there’s been two others..

The first was called “Intelligence (G.B.) Limited”, a software validation company created with Jeff and Phil of MSc Astrophyics fame.  This was in the early days of home computing and we used to test and get paid for software on the old BT Prestel service (anyone remember that?) as well as on the Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore 64 platforms!  We advertised software too in the popular PC press at the time, I think in my archives (packed up) I have copies of the mock up adverts which I’ll scan here just for fun later.

That reminds me we also got VAT inspected and I remember being very embarrassed when a young female inspector came round to Jeff and my shared flat one day to go through the books!  I seem to remember we had to repay some input tax that was disallowed.  Eventually, after we all went our separate ways post MSc we wound the company up.

The second was a Business Expansion Scheme company called  “Recordimage Ltd” that was created with participation from my old T.A. Friend Quentin in 1990 and it still invests in a rental property in the Penarth area of Wales today.

On the house purchase front Craig rang us from the Welsh estate agents yesterday to say our seller would be on holiday mid August, so it looks like completion has been put back unfortunately to the week commencing 24th August.  The postponement is not purely down to this, but also to delays in our solicitor getting the searches done.  In the National Park area they are taking 2-4 weeks at the moment which is a shame but we’ve got to be patient, at least it gives us more time to say goodbye to more friends down south and to visit some more places to reminisce and record about in this blog.

High Willows Limited

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