Ash (in the clouds?)

Another ex-colleague met up with me yesterday, this time Ash Pal who’d left Gartner last July and was now working for himself.  We had lunch together at the Red Lion and he told me of his experiences and the importance of networking – it was almost a facsimile of the advice I used to give my old clients!

Rather amazingly he’s been in Singapore in recent weeks and was flying off to Zurich that afternoon.  I’m pretty sure that’s not my future direction but it was great meeting up nonetheless and we will keep in touch for sure.

After the long walk home (100 yards) I sat down in front of this iMac to recover from the strenuous exertion to read to emails from our solicitor.

The first was come and sign the purchase contract before you go on holiday just in case the searches come back while you are away which was great.  The second was more nitpicking from our buyer’s solicitor asking for a contribution to a shared drainage indemnity policy to which I agreed and a question about some conifers in the garden to which I was a little vague…

It’s progress, but the wait goes on!

Addendum:  some of the more observant of you may have noticed from the “My Old Dutch” post that the bearded wonder was in fact clean shaven…  Hands up I succumbed to marital pressure (again) 🙂

Ash (in the clouds?)

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