The Streets of San Llandudno

OK I hear you ask, you’re shortly moving to near Abergavenny in South Wales, but just before you go, you’re going on holiday to Llandudno in North Wales… 

Why would you do that and why the pun on “The Streets of San Francisco”?

Oops I accidentally published this draft! 🙂   A celebratory glass of wine too early perhaps for a safe arrival.  In contrast my brother Simon, his wife and my mother are on a stationary M56 still an hour away, never mind we’ll have some chilled bubbly when they arrive!

Back to the main plot now.  

Well dear readers, for a start it’s my mother Kathleen’s 80th birthday on Tuesday so she deserves a nice holiday.  The likeness (ok I’m stretching it) to SF is that it’s  very hilly and there’s a beautiful bay.  Add to that a vertiginous tramway and you can see the analogy.  

We’re staying in Raven’s Cottage a large house on the Great Orme, a craggy mountain overlooking the town.


Great Orme tramway
Our arrival was a little bit “hairy” the approach road is narrow and steep, thank god for automatic gears..  The gate to the property has to be kept shut due to the presence of wild goats looking for a chance to snack on any garden fauna.

The views from the house are amazing, although my photographic prowess is less so as no doubt you’ll agree.


I think that’s Debbie to the right

It looks like it’s going to be a takeaway meal tonight, I just hope they can find us for the delivery! 😁


It was a superb Chinese and they found us easily!

The Streets of San Llandudno

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