Inspector Thomas of the Yard

Debbie’s cousin Clive Thomas is a little older than her, well actually he’s a lot older, as he’s 80 years old!  His mother was Debbie’s father’s sister and the last time we saw him was 13 years ago at Popsy’s funeral, so we were looking forward to catching up while on holiday near where he lives.

Clive retired from the Met Police as an Inspector 27 years ago at 53, so beat me by a cool 2 years.  He lives in Criccieth in North Wales and he and his good friend Kay drove up to Bangor where we met up in Debenhams cafe around 2pm.

The weather was a bit blowy but relatively dry and we left Raven’s Lodge around 11am and decided to take the very scenic coastal toll road (a very reasonable £3) around the Great Orme.

We didn’t realise Llandudno had a pier
Note the careful positioning of the waste bin in the centre of the picture
“Rest and Be Thankful” halfway cafe


After leaving Marine Drive we continued on towards Bangor and after a few hiccups trying to park in the multi-storey there, we made our way to the rendezvous. Clive and Kay arrived bang on time and we decided to chat over a quick snack.

Ordering and receiving the food was a real hoot, I think the young serving staff were students who’d been left on thir own to muddle through.  My order like mum was meant to be cheese and tomato toastie, but after paying for them and waiting for delivery we were told they’d run out.

We then switched to jacket potato and 2 types of filling, only to find out there was a 15 minute delay.  Capitulating, we plumped for the same as Debbie and some lemon meringue pie which was delicious, but as we finished along came the potatoes etc “free of charge”.  Mindful of the old army saying “you never know when it’s your last meal” I tucked into my first course second if you know what I mean…

The mix up didn’t matter, in fact it was a bit of a giggle, here’s a few pictures of us enjoying each other’s company, sharing stories and generally catching up.


Like all true Welshmen Clive has a huge reservoir of stories from the days in the Met.  One of the more surprising was the arrest of 1960’s singer “Donovan” in a drugs bust, as was his amusing interactions with Spike Milligan who called him Sergeant Taffy and apparently he tap danced on the police station counter.   Also Derek Jacobi phoning him up and asking where the BBC was, we think when he was filming “I Claudius” at the time.

All in all a very enjoyable time and we’re looking forward to catching up at “High Willows” in the not too distant future.

Inspector Thomas of the Yard

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