Elvis’ (and Mum’s) 80th Birthday

Growing up in 4 George Street, Bridlington, East Yorkshire I spent many an early Saturday morning watching reruns of old Elvis films on TV and loved the singing despite the often cheesy plots.  I remember buying his last single “Way on Down” shortly before he passed away at the young age of 42 back in 1977 shortly before I left for University in London.

Roll forward to 2015 and my mum Kathleen reached her 80th birthday today, the same year that Elvis would have had the same birthday had he lived!  To celebrate we offered to take her where she would like to go today given the incessant rain we’d been experiencing in North Wales.  You can imagine my horror when the answer came “Cheshire Oaks Retail Outlet” just outside Chester…

Now I love designer label shopping (with two Mrs Shores) like a visit to the dentist, but it was her day, so how could I refuse?  The journey took about an hour amid huge downpours of rain and wind, but we arrived safely and mum couldn’t believe how much the shopping mall was bigger since the last time she visited with dad in 2005.

My fears were confirmed as we headed into the first clothes shop which I recognised as M&S and much to my surprise I bought some T shirts and corduroy trousers at bargain prices which mollified my angst somewhat.  

Pillows for mum and a coat plus numerous trousers for Debbie meant unloading our first foray back in the Galaxy before heading off for lunch at Wagamama (mum’s first visit).  Suitably refreshed instead of returning to the car to my horror we entered the hell that is the designer label shop “Jaeger”.

Debbie secured a bargain coat down from an unbelievable £280 to a very impressive £150, but it fitted her like a glove and she asks for so little I couldn’t say no.  Mum also got a designer coat and two very pleased ladies escorted a shell-shocked husband/son back to the car for the journey back to Llandudno. 

A quick stop off at Asda to buy newspapers and replenish the prawn cocktail components for supper we arrived back to sunshine at Raven’s Lodge.  A bottle of champagne, some olives and scrumptious prawn cocktail sealed the deal, while mum multitasked and surfed the web & listened to Emmerdale as you can see below.

The day was a great success!  I think Elvis would have approved.  😀

Elvis’ (and Mum’s) 80th Birthday

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