The Mystery of the Missing Welsh

Now we all know (don’t we dear readers) that Llandudno is in North Wales, but there is something troubling Debbie and I on this holiday.  We’ve not heard any Welsh Accents at all so far, it’s like there’s been an alien invasion and all the indigenous population has been removed…

It’s very different when we visit South Wales, there I’m the outsider listening in, but here it’s like I’m back home in Yorkshire!  Rather embarrassingly even the “aliens” pronounce better Welsh than me.  For example, Raven’s Lodge is number 20 St. Beunos Road which is pronounced “bye noss” but unfortunately much to the amusement of the local taxi firm, I pronounce as “St Beano’s”…

Well at least the weather has been fantastic today, sunny, a bit blowy still, but fresh and none of the dreaded Welsh rain.  We caught a taxi down the hill to the pier which was a lovely walk despite dark clouds above and Debbie & mum enjoyed playing the 2p “Tipping Point” arcade game before heading back into town for a fish and chip lunch. 

Afterwards we went to the local Sainsbury’s, but left mum to go “mooching” round the shops afterwards, while we returned by taxi to sunbathe and read in the garden together.

A few hours later I got the command to pick up her ladyship in Asda’s car park and return her home.  Safely ensconced Debbie and I walked up to the halfway house tram stop and tried to buy a ticket to the top, but found that wasn’t possible, but the kind operatives let us on for free.

On arrival at the peak of the Great Orme I knew instinctively that Debbie wanted to go on the cable car down to “Happy Valley” a mile below, which to me sounded like a final resting place that Americans would be buried in.  

Despite this I manfully girded my loins and with my eyes scrunched tightly shut boarded the vessel taking me to my doom.

Much to my surprise we arrived safely and walked back to town where my nerves were fortified by a large glass of wine before the taxi picked us up to return back to Ravens Lodge.

As I write this blog now Debbie is ordering our Thai/Chinese takeaway for dinner, I’m sure the Welsh would approve, wherever they are! šŸ˜€

The Mystery of the Missing Welsh

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