Goats Goats Goats

Well I’m writing today’s blog back home in Thorpe after a marathon driving session yesterday.

We left Raven’s Lodge about 8.30am and made our way across the Pennines and the M62 across to Brandesburton to pick up Lucy (mum’s beloved King Charles Cavalier) and then drop them both off at Hornsea.  After a brief rest and a cup of tea, Debbie and I headed for home and arrived about 6pm to a warm welcome from James and Hamish.

However Llandudno had one last surprise for us as we left the Great Orme, as we were amazed to see on the hill just opposite the drive about ten Kashmir billy goats that the owners were so worried about!  They’d left strict instructions to bolt the gate shut, as if the herd got in, they’d demolish all the garden greenery “tout suite”!


Looking at them sunbathing and nibbling the grass reminded me of a book I used to read Emma when she was probably aged 2 to 3 years old called “Billy Goats Gruff“!  I think we still have it (packed) in the garage and I can remember her saying “trip trap” all the time, I shall dig it out when we arrive in Wales.

Apparently these goats were a gift to King George IV in Windsor from one Squire Christopher Tower and the herd was added to by a gift from the Shah of Persia to Queen Victoria.  Major-General the Hon Sir Savage Lloyd-Mostyn K.C.B. (Blackadder anyone?) who lived in Goddaeth Hall near Llandudno acquired a breeding pair that were eventually allowed to roam freely on the Great Orme.

Latest on the house, exchange of contracts could be as early as next week, completion if possible the week after.  Unfortunately our seller goes on holiday mid August, so it could be delayed until the end of the month but I hope not, fingers crossed we strike lucky!

Goats Goats Goats

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