Que Sera, Sera

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) was my (maternal) Grandma Riches favourite song by Doris Day but when she sang it bless her she sounded more like Hilda Ogden

Well being fatalistic but optimistic at the same time (does that compute?) yesterday Debbie and I made the decision that the house in Govilon was not for us after all as our lawyer couldn’t seem to get fairly basic stuff like evidence of planning permission, building regs, etc. out of the owner who was also the developer.  He also wouldn’t pay for any indemnities and really managed single handedly to sour the deal.

If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat and sounds like a rat, it probably is a rat! Well you know what I mean.  As a result I’m writing this blog Saturday morning before we head off yet again up my good friend the M4 motorway into Wales.  We need to check out Quentin’s house in Penarth he’s “loaning” us while we find the perfect chez nous for Debbie and I and that could take some time…

It a little deja vu for us (lots of French words I’ve noticed this morning, could it be a sign?) as the house in Thorpe we’re currently in wasn’t our first choice.  Originally we went for a new build by a small private developer close by in Rosemary Lane.

I’d smelt the proverbial rat just before contract exchange when I realised that some adjoining land looked like it was going to be built on so asked for a legal covenant clause in the contract to match the developers verbal assurance that this would never happen only to find out he’d already transferred ownership to his son!

We were terribly disappointed at the time but it all worked out for the best as i’m sure it will again for us in Wales.  My old Gartner boss Roger K when I spoke to him a month or so ago sagely advised that if this particular house doesn’t happen, there are plenty more to chose from.  Too true but it still hurts.

Onwards and upwards!

Amazing update from Saturday afternoon

We’ve just reserved a new 5 bedroom house in Llanfoist, Abergavenny which looks up to the Blorenge mountain and hope to move in this month!

Debbie and I are really excited as this is the first new build we’ve ever owned, it’s obviously in mint condition and has all carpets, blinds, curtains and expensive light fittings included.  

Add to that a significant chunk of money less than we had expected to pay for the other house & we’re quids in!  It’s much bigger than our house in Thorpe and three stories with some amazing views.  No forest of course, but something much more practical with a Waitrose nearby.

Here’s us pictured in front of the house and Debbie with Carol our new best friend from David Wilson Homes, to say nothing of the Blorenge in the background.


Fingers crossed we can exchange and complete really quickly!  😄

We still drove over to see Q and his son BJ and we took them out to dinner in Penarth to celebrate.  I’m now finishing this blog back home after a marathon drive of probably 350 miles sipping a nice cool Cava, oh and we won the Ashes too by the way….

Que Sera, Sera

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