The Tiger’s Pad

Last night Debbie and I had dinner with Nick M and his partner Grazyna K at the Tiger’s Pad Indian restaurant in Station Approach, Ascot.  Why the address says Ascot we’ll never know as really it’s opposite Sunningdale station!  Perhaps it’s a bit like Thorpe and Egham, really two separate places.

Poor old Nick had booked the venue and very good it was too, but he had an awful time trying to find it!  I had Debbie as my secret weapon who thought she knew where it was when my sat nav got confused.  For the first time ever in my life I managed to park right outside the entrance door of a restaurant, I couldn’t believe my luck!

While waiting for them to arrive I perused the other diners, a workaholic middle aged businessman on his own, a father with two sons arguing about their mum who he seemed to be divorcing sadly, an elderly couple consoling their not so young son who was changing career rather dramatically (to which I nodded sagely) and lastly three rather young men discussing philosophy intensely, so quite an eclectic bunch!

Nick is also leaving Gartner at the end of the month, joining an eleven man band with a former colleague he’s worked with a number of times before and something to do with airline research.  He seems very happy and content. Grazyna who’s from Poland originally had just come back from a visit there where the weather was unseasonably hot and she described how difficult her parents were finding it, having to stay indoors to escape the extreme heat.

That reminded me that I’d like to pay my respects at the Polish War Memorial just off the M40 heading into London, I always remember my TA pal Andrejz K’s Polish parents making a fuss of me at my pass out parade many years ago when mine unfortunately couldn’t make it, they were a lovely couple.  I might also double up with a visit to the model village at Bekonscot that we used to take the kids to when they were little although that’s heading back out the other way towards High Wycombe.

Debbie found out what a small world it is again by asking Nick if he’d spent much time in Wales.  Amazingly we found out he’d been involved in equipping the dry ski slope at Pentrebach in 1989 around about the same time Debbie was living in Mount Pleasant.  It didn’t end there as he’d also visited Anglesey in the past and had a canal holiday there too.

All in all a very enjoyable night out and we look forward to them visiting our new home in the not too distant future!


The Tiger’s Pad

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