Swedish Nemesis: Jan Soderberg

Jan Soderberg is a name forever etched on my memory as synonymous with my nemesis at work.  A thoughtful review of the picture below dear reader will confirm this in your own mind without a shadow of doubt!

Note his churlish smile and the attempt to mimic Britain’s great wartime leader, Winston Churchill.  This photo was taken at our off-site in Windsor in February when both our teams came together for the 2015 kick-off.

Read on for more “villainy” that will take your breath away…..

Jan Soderberg RVP Sweden

Jan was (is) my counterpart in the Nordic region and I can honestly say the song “Anything you can do, I can do better” could have been written for him!  Be it retention, growth, people (or the speed of his powerboat) he’d always find a way to beat me!  It got so bad I almost destroyed my ABBA collection and burnt my IKEA furniture!

Indeed my nerves became so bad at the continual stress of trying to match his prowess I became dangerously addicted to large cups of tea as seen below.

What a mug!
What a mug!

He even tried to beat my UK-Ireland region unfairly at a singing competition we sportingly arranged – by hiring two semi-professional singers into his team – how low can you sink?

nordic singers
From memory they were called Rudolf and Knut and apparently professional singers rather than ex-CIOs
nordic song
Looks like double Dutch to me…

Of course I’m only joking, Jan & I were best of friends really & I shall really miss our regular catch ups which were so much fun.

So farewell Jan for now, I really hope we can meet up again some day!  🙂

jan and I

Swedish Nemesis: Jan Soderberg

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