Alex’s Graduation

It’s hard to believe but just over ten years ago two things of great importance happened in my life, the first was picking up my new company car a BMW 320i convertible.  It was delivered to Gartner’s Egham HQ in May 2005 and Debbie, Emma & I got a taxi from 85 Foxwood to take greedy possession.

I remember sitting outside the front entrance in the visitors car park having the handover and a couple of Gartner colleagues, including Jaideep M, poking fun at me looking pleased and so flustered at the same time!

BMW 320i convertible HT05 EVV
BMW 320i convertible HT05 EVV next to Alex’s Corsa!

The second of slightly greater import, was attending Alex’s graduation ceremony at Royal Holloway University of London on an incredibly hot but very enjoyable day for the whole (very proud) family.  Like his sister but eight years earlier, Alex achieved an upper second honours degree in English, slightly eclipsing my own lower second – but I’m not bitter! 🙂

On the drive from Feltham I unfortunately decided to take the soft top down on the BMW to the Egham campus which resulted, dear readers, in my turning a lobster pink as you can see in the photos below.  For some reason I seem cursed when it comes to sunbathing, but at least I’ve got my own back by eating lots of lobsters…

Mam and daughter!
For some reason my camera had a sepia setting for this photo in the RHUL ceremony, college chapel hall, I obviously didn’t know this!
Spot the crustacean in the Hannibal Lecter suit above the graduate! James is wearing a fantastic “Elvis” shirt we bought him at London’s Hard Rock Cafe which he still has to this day. “Thank you very much!”..
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date Jubilee band woman and man (hidden).

Alex’s Graduation

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