First Pay-check

As I’m rapidly coming to terms with being retired I thought it would be fun to remember my first pay-check, from Kidsons, an accountancy firm that (unwisely) took me on in 1981 as a graduate trainee based in Columbia House 69 Aldwych, London.

I’m not going to count my holiday stint as a worker in Jacksons supermarket in Hornsea as a lorry unloader, shelf stacker and cardboard box crusher and baler for obvious reasons.  This was just temporary employment for a few weeks while waiting for my “A” level results.

Incidentally crushing boxes is immensely satisfying, I must check out vacancies at our future local Waitrose..

So dear readers, or at least the few of you who have mustered up the courage to continue reading, my first monthly pay-check was used to secure life membership of the Youth Hostels Association (YHA) in their shop in Southampton St, just off the Strand, I think it cost about £50.  I thought it would be a lasting momento of the incredible toil surrounding learning double entry bookkeeping and tax law that I was facing for the next three years!

Sadly, like my prowess in accountancy, my membership card has been lost over the years but who knows maybe I can reclaim it in the not so distant future and even better take Debbie hosteling again, won’t she enjoy that!


First Pay-check

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