Propping Up the Bar

Before I forget, yesterday I had a farewell lunch at the Red Lion pub in Thorpe with another Gartner ex-colleague, Alistair Johnson, who I’d worked closely with in the public sector sales team for a number of years.

While I was waiting for him to arrive, I started talking to an old chap sat at the bar who owned a two year old Westie which you can see in the picture below, who was “propping up the bar”.  🙂

Cute (if not very hygienic perhaps)!
Cute (if not very hygienic perhaps)!

When Alistair arrived we had a great conversation and it ended with him presenting me a bottle of English sparkling wine to thank me for supporting him, which to be honest made me feel a bit emotional, I hope we keep in touch.  I shall miss a lot of good friends, never mind colleagues from Gartner, it’s just about the only downside to this retirement!

One other quick update, just had an email from our solicitor saying we’ve exchanged on Kent House with completion, or the date we move out, set for the 27th August.  This is great news we just have to make sure we exchange and complete in the same timeframe for the new house which has a couple of enquiries to sort out or we’ll be homeless!  That said I’m very confident it will be done in time (but if anyone has spare rooms to house 3 adults, a dog, snake, 2 tarantulas & about 60 packing boxes etc. please contact me…)

Phew – some progress at last!


Propping Up the Bar

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