Following in Elton John’s Footsteps

Now for some strange reason I am occasionally mistaken for Elton John rather than Brad Pitt when out and about in this green and pleasant land.  Why I have no idea, after all Elton bless him is relatively short, balding, overweight, gay and lives in Old Windsor.

I on the other hand am at least 5’8″ tall, don’t wear a wig yet, carry very few spare pounds, have always been straight and live a few miles away from Old Windsor in Thorpe, well at least for another week.  Oh, I also rarely buy flowers (even for Debbie) and hate clothes shopping with a vengeance unless it’s at Millets.

Of course it’s true to say like my doppelgänger that I have a good voice and when Jim A was leader of UK/Ireland a number of years before I took it on he wrote & performed a song called “PD Rock” set to the tune of “Rocket Man”.  Note to the bemused reader – before we were called Executive Partners our original job title was Program Director..

Anyway, back to the narrative, the whole team was on a Thames boat cruise many years ago for a social and the musicians amongst us, namely Jim & Gwyn played guitar, while a number sang the song with alcohol induced gusto to which I heartily subscribed and from memory while clutching a model of Tintin’s moon rocket…

Next, my most embarrassing encounter outside work was with the usher at Woking Theatre who on taking Debbie’s and my tickets looked dumbstruck by my appearance and nearly asked me for an autograph!

In any event Debbie and I have been to two colleague’s weddings at the Windsor Guildhall, following in the footsteps of Elton and his (then soon to be) civil law partner David Furnish.  The first was Anna Maria N’s wedding to Robbie, the second was Eddie L’s wedding to Rachel.  Both were great fun and very enjoyable and here’s a picture of the latter inside the Guildhall itself along with one of “Elton” and his partner outside……

Rachel & Eddie
David & Elton

Ridiculous! 😎

Following in Elton John’s Footsteps

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