Cromer Crabs

Now dear readers, for those of you conscientiously following this blog from my early posts on holiday in Mersea Island, a few short months ago, you will be aware of my predilection for seafood.

So you will not be surprised to hear of my long held wish to visit Cromer on the Norfolk coast, famous for its edible brown crabs, sweet and succulent yum!  The trouble is that it’s rather off the beaten track so I thought my chances were pretty low and it would just be added to the aspirational “bucket list”.

So let me share with you how amazing fortune and good luck got me to this veritable soupçon of crustaceans, not just once, but twice in the last decade!

Firstly, I had booked a short weekend holiday break in September 2010 to Jersey on British Airways departing from Gatwick and arriving in St. Hellier, leaving Thorpe at 3pm with what I thought was ages before the flight at around 7pm.

We’d booked a hire car in Jersey and a surprise 5 star hotel via which transpired to be the Grand hotel in St. Helier once we’d parted with our cash.

Unfortunately as we were about half an hour into the journey to Gatwick when the M25 suddenly became a parking lot and came to a complete halt, there was no escape.

At first we thought we’d be ok as we had a wide safety net time wise, or so we imagined, unfortunately as the hours slowly ticked by we realised there was nothing we could do apart from watch a succession of men leave their stranded vehicles to relieve themselves by the hard shoulder.

For some reason my thoughts at the time mainly concentrated on the intriguing thought that female bladders must be stronger than their male counterparts, well there was very little to do apart from muse on the unfairness of it all.

Eventually we started moving, crawling to the next exit where we executed a weary U-turn and headed back home arriving about 11pm.  Every cloud has a silver lining I explained to long suffering Debbie and immediately extolled the virtues of “States of Cromer” as being the English home of “Bergerac” and the availability of a caravan for that same weekend in Caister meaning on a “mission from God“.

There was no response from her except some gentle snoring which I took as acquiescence and my fingers trembling with excitement made the booking.  On waking up around 7am Debbie was amazed to find our luggage repacked in the car and the two of us heading off for a “surprise” replacement holiday.

On arrival about 3 hours or so later we booked in to the caravan park which  was lovely to be fair but hardly a 5 star hotel as Debbie helpfully pointed out…

The second occasion was visiting Emma in Norwich on the 25th October 2014 and meeting her for lunch on arrival while her boyfriend David was in college studying for his English literature M.A.

After the meal we all went back to Emma’s flat in Pottergate for the two ladies to play various musical instruments before Debbie and I checked into the local budget hotel for a well deserved good night’s sleep.

The next day was cold, wet and windy so I suggested altruistically to take the three of us to Cromer and visit the pier, have lunch out and have a fascinating tour of the RNLI station.  Emma naively smiled her acceptance whilst Debbie just winced her approval.

Here are some photos taken on this joyful day!  To make it up to them both I took them to the penny arcade afterwards for some amusements although why it’s called that I have no idea, the machines only took 2p’s! 🙂


Cromer Crabs

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