“M” Day: 27th August 2015

As of yesterday afternoon when we exchanged contracts on the new house in Llanfoist, Barans our removal firm confirmed their availability, so we are all systems go for the move to Wales next Thursday!

Alex has been put on the Focus car insurance for the day.  He, James, Hamish (dog), Bindi (snake), Charlotte & Incy Wincy (tarantulas) will be in the first wave advancing to the Severn bridge, with Debbie & I coming up at the rear in the Galaxy full of suitcases and other essentials for the move.

I’ve been really busy the last few days sorting out council tax, Sky TV, BT broadband, British Gas, Churchill insurance, water, banks, pensions, web sites & social media updates, you name it, I’ve changed it!

We’ve decided at the last minute to declutter even more, losing the old double height fridge and freezer, as well as a washing machine and tumble dryer in the garage to recycling.  The same for the dining room table and chairs, sideboard and nest of tables.  They’d served us well over the years, but had all seen better days and the removal cost reduction is huge so looks like Debbie’s new house will be getting a fair amount of new contents!

Five days and counting….. 😎

“M” Day: 27th August 2015

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