Impressions of Impersonations

“Hello Dyan”.  Not sure if Cary Grant my favourite film actor of all time ever really said that to his fourth wife, but I often try and mimic him like Tom Hanks (my second favourite actor) did in one of our favourite films  “Sleepless in Seattle” when speaking to my wife.

“Hello Debbie” always provokes a slight grimace in case anyone else should hear, but as she charitably says, “at least it’s not as bad as when you try and sound Welsh and it comes out sounding Indian”…

Cary looking rather suave…

Lovely party, pity I wasn’t invited” is another in my repertoire and probably my favourite.  It also comes from a film, this time “Ace Ventura, Pet Detective” and spoken by Jim Carrey mimicking Sean Connery‘s 007.

Now dear readers, you may have spotted a pattern here, I only do impressions of people doing impressions for some reason.

My “we shall fight them on the beaches” is a terrible Winston, same trying to do the recently departed Blakey from On the BusesI hate you Butler“!  I think the latter will be lost on those of you outside UK and maybe Ireland though.

Ah well, back to today, we’re off to Thame and pay our respects to Auntie Phyllis and Uncle Tom, sadly missed, more on that tomorrow.

M minus 4 and counting…

Impressions of Impersonations

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