The Swan Revisited

Today Debbie and I met two dear friends from Feltham, Melv and Julie Montague for drinks at the Swan hotel in Staines which overlooks the Thames.  Alas the weather was too wet to sit outside, but it did bring back memories of 25 years ago, when we spent our wedding night there before going off on honeymoon the next day!

I don’t know what it is with swans and Debbie and I, but what with this place and Llanfrynach’s White Swan, our paths with this mature “ugly duckling” seems interwoven!

Two close friends enjoying time together before we leave for Llanfoist
No problem this side…. Fosters lager (& shandy)

We reminisced a lot about Melv decorating 56 Southcote, nearly 20 years ago, as well as Debs and Julie being really close friends, both having our Emma and their daughter Eve in Feltham Hill Infants and Juniors in the same year.  How time flies!  We are going to keep in touch and look forward to them visiting us soon in Llanfoist!

M day minus 1! 🙂

The Swan Revisited

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