Land Rover Makes a Comeback

Dear readers, for those of you following this retirement journey you will have noticed that Land Rover plays a big part in Debbie’s and my story together.  From the Series 1 she had to push into our drive in 56 Southcote and paint (in olive drab naturally) while (unknowingly) pregnant with Emma, to the latest addition bought yesterday for the princely sum of £4000 – a Freelander TD4 5 door station wagon with a “mere” 79,000 miles on the clock….

Here’s some pictures of “her” in our drive – the Galaxy having been retired to the garage in front!  Fingers crossed she’ll fare better than the two P38 Range Rovers….

IMG_0449 IMG_0448

As I write in my upstairs office we have John the carpenter and his mate busy fixing the number 7 outside our front door, once that’s up we’ll really feel we’ve moved in properly at last.

All our photos and pictures are going up at the same time, I think the decision to outsource their “erection” came as a great relief to Debbie!


Land Rover Makes a Comeback

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