Tea for Two (Or Maybe Three) at Sugar Loaf Vineyard

It’s hard to believe dear readers just how busy I am considering I’m now a man of leisure!  As I’m writing we have the aerial being installed in the loft for digital Freeview in the 3 cabled points in the house (the living room, master bedroom and kitchen for those interested in these things).

This is in addition to Sky TV in the main living room which was installed M day +2 and was quite the smoothest transition of all utilities and services.  The world cup in terms of “bugger-ance” award has to go to British Gas, who still haven’t managed to create a gas account yet, have only just set up an electricity account but with a garbled address, although to be fair they have switched the (unmetered) service contract smoothly.

Ah well, enough griping, the weather here in Llanfoist seems to follow a set pattern each day, we wake up to crisp mountain air but with the tops of the three surrounding mountains covered in mist.  The sun then gradually burns them off leading to hot sunny afternoons clear but breezy.  Yesterday afternoon I mowed the small back lawn for the first time and I ended up stripped to the waist heaving my mini hover mower up and down the slope that goes from the wall to the garden gate.  Hot work and Debbie supplied me with lashings of cold orange squash and lemonade in an effort to keep me going.

Afterwards, to celebrate the completion of the gardening, I decided to visit the Sugar Loaf vinery which as the name suggests is on the lower slopes of Sugar Loaf mountain.  After a rather narrow approach road in the Freelander where we forced a driving coming towards us to reverse back quite a long way (on this occasion size does matter) we enjoyed a pot of tea and some coffee & walnut cake while a resident King Charles Cavalier spaniel like Lucy begged at our feet, sheer bliss! 🙂

Vines across the stream
You could taste the wines at a very reasonable price, alas I was driving, although that didn’t seem to stop other visitors…
Our new “best friend”
Doggie target – cake – I felt kind and removed the walnuts from the tidbit I gave her
Tea for Two (Or Maybe Three) at Sugar Loaf Vineyard

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