Social Styles (& the Labour Party)

One of the advantages of being retired is that you can indulge yourself publicly and be who you truly are.  For me that’s always been a people person, perhaps rather self-deprecating, compared to the “norm” of a born leader driven by money & prestige etc.

Occasionally this marked me out as “unusual” in my working life, but it doesn’t seem to have impacted me too badly.  In the social styles analysis of the kind of person I am beloved by my last employer, I come out as “amiable” so to explain for any confused readers out there the theory goes something like this:

There are 4 social styles:

  1. Analytical
  2. Driver
  3. Expressive
  4. Amiable

Most managers for good reasons are analytical-drivers (or a “combo” of styles to borrow a Harvester restaurant analogy) which means they make non-emotional, data driven decisions.  Alas, that just wasn’t me I’m afraid, which could explain my early retirement! 🙂

In any event, apart from being a bit of a fatalist, I’ve always been a bit of a socialist when it comes to my political persuasion.  An urgent note to my American readers, this does not mean yours truly is a communist and you should definitely not put this blog on a blacklist…

This little known fact was something I shared with another of my favourite clients, Joan M. at the Houses of Parliament – who like me was as a founder member of the SDP – a breakaway party from Labour a long time ago.  Actually all I got round to was registering as a member, Joan did much better by becoming a candidate MP, although quite disappointingly was unsuccessful & not elected.

So back to the main thread of this post, well a few months ago I took great interest in the Labour party leader election, this after many years in a political vacuum and much to my surprise I found it (a) interesting & (b) needing me to participate & even vote!

To cut a long story short, I joined the party, voting for Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership, like so many others recently.


I don’t suppose I fit his normal profile of supporters and I have to gulp a little with some of his beliefs & policies, but age brings wisdom (as well as loss of faculties) and I can’t help but feel he’s a sincere politician who speaks his mind, never mind the consequences.

Lets face it, so few do, it is refreshing & I’ve never like soulless, bland politically correct speeches….  In any event, he won yesterday and time will tell whether or not this is a flash in the pan or a real change for good or ill, I just hope my £1 investment (reduction for 1 year due to armed forces involvement) is vindicated for all our sakes…

Social Styles (& the Labour Party)

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