Pros and Cons…..

OK, so after nearly three weeks in Wales I can hear you asking me dear readers, what are the pros and cons of living in Llanfoist, Abergavenny vs. living in Thorpe, Egham?

Llanfoist Pros

Brand new house which cost a lot less than the smaller older 1980’s house in Thorpe
5 bedroom house, three baths, three power showers and four toilets
5 year guarantee on all fixtures & fittings including gas central heating, draining etc.
Clean air, with beautiful scenery (surrounded by Blorenge, Sugar Loaf & Skirrid mountains)
Debbie no longer needs to take her inhalers each day to ward off her asthma
Soft water, no limescale deposits, shampoo foams
Waitrose supermarket within walking distance with free latte and newspapers
Friendly neighbours who seem glad to be living here
Old friends popping in to visit
No aircraft noise or pollution from Heathrow/M3 & M25
Being retired…

Llanfoist Cons

OK, if you press me, the Council tax band is H rather than F…
To be fair, we’re a lot further away from Alex & Emma living in London 😦

Thorpe Pros

Gee, let me think…
OK 5 minutes drive from the office (but I’m now retired so that doesn’t count!)
River Thames 3 minutes drive away, but I sold Nutbrown
Thorpe Park also 3 minutes drive away, but I never went on rides more scary than “tea cups” & they closed the farm..

Thorpe Cons

Debbie being lonely while I was at work, with no friends popping in
Needed a bit of updating e.g. roof tile slipping on porch, guttering leaking, shower leaking, carpets etc.
Slight risk of the Thames flooding…

I think you know the answer! 🙂

Pros and Cons…..

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