Grandma and the Terrible Perm

There’s a saying behind closed doors in my family, namely “Starsky got the girls, I got the curls!” so keep patient dear readers and this post will highlight your truly’s greatest guilty secret…

Around the early/mid 1970’s when Starsky & Hutch were really big on TV, I went on holiday to Fleetwood Lancashire to stay with my maternal Grandma Riches.  Grandma’s first name was Isabel and my grandfather was called Harry Glenford Riches, although he was always known just as Glen.  I have so many happy memories of family holidays there with the obvious nearby attractions of Blackpool illuminations and the tower as well as the trams making it seem so exciting.

Grandma & I were always very close, never more so than in 1983 I made a surprise visit to them both only to find that he was downstairs being nursed by her and dying of lung cancer.  He had chain smoked Hamlet cigars for as long as I could remember and passed away aged 84 in my arms when I was carrying him across the front room at Grandma’s request.

At least they made it to their golden wedding anniversary and they were very happy together.  Grandad has been a master engineer for Marr’s trawler fishing fleet both in Fleetwood and Hull.  He used to tell me tales of dangerous deep sea fishing, in Icelandic waters before the cod wars prevented their boats entering their waters.  The Marr’s managing director came to his funeral and said some lovely words of appreciation I remember.

Mum visiting Grandad and Grandma with their dog
Mum visiting Grandad and Grandma with their dog “Sally”

Anyway, back to the admission of guilt so being an intelligent chap and talking to lots of girls who seemed to prefer Starsky over Hutch, I decided to ask Grandma if she would put my hair in her curlers and see if I would have similar success with the fairer sex by having a “perm”.  The answer ask you can see in the pictures below, was a resounding negative I’m afraid…

Me to the left looking like
I’m to the left looking like “sideshow Bob” with fellow QMC student Kevin O’L
Never mind
Never mind “Slim Shady”…
Grandma and the Terrible Perm

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