Different Worlds, Different Terminologies

Only a few short months ago my world consisted of terminology from another planet, with words such as “capped retention”, “ATC” (conference call for the uninitiated) or even more forebodingly “DRB” (deal review board – I told you it was incomprehensible).

Today I find myself in literally a different world, but with other seemingly incomprehensible words such as “Nikwax”, “Scarpa boots”, “Merrel approach shoes” (with Goretex liner and Vibram sole), “Gelert” poles, oh and the splendidly expensive Bridgedale socks!  Here’s a picture dear reader of them waiting for action in our as yet unfilled master bedroom!

Maybe we should put them on soon?
Maybe we should put them on soon?
My plan with Debbie is to start slowly, a level circular walk on the top of Blorenge to lull her into a false sense of security & then… only kidding!  Everest is next year. 🙂


Different Worlds, Different Terminologies

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