The Clytha Arms: Back to the Future

The weather here in Wales has recently been really sunny and dry and a joy to be out and about.  After a quick trip to Next in Cwmbran for yet another rug, we decided to have lunch in a beautiful gastropub about six miles away from Llanfoist in Clytha.

Despite the good weather we headed inside as there was a huge open log fire crackling away and wonderful smells of seafood emanating out of the kitchen.

Debbie’s parents had their Silver wedding anniversary here but as she was only ten at the time this was her first (and not last) visit.

We ordered Campari and lemonade plus Wrexham lager shandy chasers, followed by grouse with whimberries & new potatoes main for Debbie and 3 huge portions of tapas pour moi (calamari, tomato garlic bread, grilled sardines).

To be honest 2 servings of tapas would have done me but “Jack” the resident overweight black Labrador with the waggiest tail I’ve ever seen helped me out under the table…

Later, lulled into a false sense of security,  we got back home & I sat down to watch the England v Wales rugby World Cup match, surrounded on all sides like General Custer, with pretty much the same ending.

Debbie had pretty much the same smile as in the above picture I now recall at the end! šŸ˜

The Clytha Arms: Back to the Future

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