Surrounded by “Brief Encounters”

Two of my favourite scary films are “The Birds” and “Piranha”.  

All around our Carnforth holiday home are a flock of Jackdaws in the trees and a shoal of (killer – only joking!) fish, both waiting for food to be cast to them from our bedroom balcony!

Take a look if you don’t believe me..


OK, only two on camera!
Not bad for an iPhone!
A less scary, more romantic film is “Brief Encounter” and today we visited the railway station here that doubled for Milford Junction.  Just like the film trains thunder through the station at incredible speed, albeit diesel rather than steam engines.  We visited the station cafe which has been recreated in the mirror image of the film set Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson were filmed in.


Fingers in the till?
Before the visit we’d taken mum to Lake Windermere which she’d stayed in with dad many times, while she reminisced Debbie and I hired an electric motor boat for an hour and went for a “cruise”!


Surrounded by “Brief Encounters”

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