Keeping My Toe Dipped In…

Well, this has been an interesting week so far and promises to be even more interesting as time progresses…

Let me explain dear readers, as despite having recently retired from full-time corporate life and moving with Debbie to Wales, yours truly had always planned for a new life working part-time.  The trick is to leave enough free time for enjoying our new life together, meeting old friends & family and generally living at a slower, more relaxed pace.

To this end I’ve been exploring options that would fit in with the above planned lifestyle and I think I may have found two that have the potential to suit perfectly, but of course only time will tell.

iPads in Education

The first opportunity stemmed from an “interview” a couple of weeks ago in the bar of the Angel Hotel in Abergavenny (an auspicious start IMHO) with the owners of, namely husband & wife Sally C and John G, just before our recent holiday in Carnforth.

This was to explore the possibility of me becoming an iPad tutor and after school club leader for them that I’d seen advertised on while trying to help James hunt for a job post move.  They had said I might be over-qualified, but the meeting went well and I’m now scheduled for an initial shadowing session with another tutor this Friday afternoon!

I’ll need to pass muster on the day of course and complete successfully a DBS check, but given my previous high level of security vetting that hopefully won’t be a problem! The kids I believe are infant school age and the education/fun revolves around them using Minecraft so hopefully I will get along fine.  It certainly will be something new and rewarding, albeit in a very different sense to my normal raison d’être! ($$$)

Hivemind Network

The second opportunity stemmed from two unsolicited communications (one e-mail from Dave C, the other a phone call from Lyndon D) both ex-colleagues who suggested I might want to consider becoming an “Expert Practitioner” for a relatively small start-up company called Hivemind Network.

To this end I found myself staying overnight Monday in the Great Northern hotel in Peterborough for a 2 day off-site this week with their management team and select other “EPs” for a review of possible ways forward.  I have to say I enjoyed the meeting, but not the four hour drive each way!  Again time will tell how this will work out, but they seemed to like me and what I said, so lets see what the future brings!

Lastly, in other news, we had a great phone catch up today with Emma and all seems well her end apart from working so hard on her PCGE…  James also had this first Welsh job interview this afternoon, so fingers crossed, we’ll all be happy.  🙂

Keeping My Toe Dipped In…

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