What Is It With Us & Fireplaces?

In the immortal words of Victor Meldrew “I don’t believe it!”  Debbie and I just seem really unlucky with fireplaces…

Let me explain dear readers, when we moved to Kent House we had a marble surround gas fireplace installed just before Christmas 2010 and we were so excited.  Then just as the chap was carrying it into the living room he somehow lost grip and before you knew it there it was lying smashed in two on top of our (ruined) coffee table.

We were so disappointed as we really wanted a warm fire installed ready for the festive celebrations, but there was a long lead time for new deliveries, we weren’t confident it was going to happen.  Fortunately, someone was looking down on us and they had the exact model in the showroom which they then used to replace the damaged item, they even paid for a new coffee table too.

Roll forward 5 years and our new house in Wales we were called today to say a cancellation had brought forward the planned installation for later this week of our new, you guessed it, marble surround but this time electric fireplace.  Joy of joys, but history was about to repeat itself, well not quite, but close enough!

When the workmen unpacked our new hearth we were shocked to discover the manufacturer “Capital Fireplaces” had tried to “bodge” a crack in one corner that would be obvious to any onlooker, but only when unpacked.  Talk about poor quality control!

There were some marks on the surface too as I’m sure you can see….
Then amazingly we discovered that fate was to intervene again in our favour and yes, another plinth of the exact same size and colour was available at Heatforce and is (as I write) being shipped to our new home.

Fingers crossed!  πŸ™‚

Well as I write the conclusion of this “adventure” this evening I have to say a big thumbs up for Heatforce who’ve installed our new fireplace with the replacement plinth and it looks great as you can see in the photo below!  Debbie is very happy and so am I! πŸ™‚

I shall also be referring the manufacturer to a good customer experience expert I know in my Hivemind Network so they can improve QA πŸ™‚

What Is It With Us & Fireplaces?

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