Auntie Daisy and Uncle Alf Remembered

He called her D (for Daisy) but she called him Alf.  Daisy was my father’s eldest sister and her married name was Hopper.

Uncle Alf was a gentle man, but dare I say it, a little hen-pecked.  He was also very tall, played village cricket and was brought up on a farm.

He had a dent in his nose, supposedly from a tin hat rim he was wearing, that slipped when he dived for cover from a miss-directed hand grenade.  It dropped rather too close when being thrown in basic training whilst in the RAF ground staff during World War 2.

Alf is upper row, second from right
You can see he got married in RAF uniform while serving in the photo below.

Auntie Beryl & my father John are to Alf’s right (his perspective) and Auntie Dorothy is next to Auntie Daisy on their wedding day
Sadly, they had no children and as a result they loved to take me out in their car at the weekend visiting the local countryside and playing I-Spy using the little books that were on sale in my childhood.  I seem to remember visiting Bempton Cliffs to view the seabirds nesting there where Alf gave me my first taste of alcohol, a small can of Double Diamond beer afterwards while we picnicked in their car!

The thing I remember about their car was not that it was an Austin Princess or Allegro, or a funny wedge shape at least, but it was the first automatic I’d ever seen, I believe Alf passed his driving test rather late in life and wanted to take it easy.

They moved in with my grandmother Hilda at 48 the Link, Anlaby Park Hull to look after her when my grandfather Charles passed away.  Sadly they are both gone now, having left Anlaby Park together and lived in a Hull retirement nursing home together in later years.

Fond memories.

Auntie Daisy and Uncle Alf Remembered

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